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ALEXANDER, Albert Victor, Earl (1885-1965). Politician. First Lord of the Admiralty.
Typewritten Letter Signed to A Tomlinson, 1 page 4to with envelope, Admiralty, 21 March 1931.
£55 / $70 / €62 [No: 8064]

ANGLESEY, Sir Henry William Paget, Marquess of (1768-1854). Field Marshal, lost a leg at Waterloo.
Autograph Letter Signed to Colonel Sir John M. Wilson, 4 pages 8vo, Office of Ordnance, 30 April 1850. Explaining, with statistics, that there could not possibly be a vacancy at Carshalton for Wilson's eleven-year-old son.
£110 / $141 / €125 [No: 26711]
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BADER, Sir Douglas Robert Steuart (1910-1982). Royal Air Force Officer.
2 Typewritten Letters Signed to Geoffrey Powell, London, 2 pages 4to (a few chips, glue-stains to reverse of one letter), 11 November 1975 and 12 April 1978. With covering letter.
£285 / $367 / €324 [No: 26495]

BAKER, Sir Samuel White (1821-1893). African traveller.
Autograph Letter Signed to 'My dear Fowler', 3 pages 8vo, Thornham Hall, Eye, 29 Novedmber 1873. Making arrangments for a visit for dinner, asking whether his daughter (who would otherwise be left alone at the hotel') could be included in the number, and sending his best wishes to 'Professor Owen'.
£110 / $141 / €125 [No: 26523]

BERESFORD, Lord Charles (1846-1919). Admiral and politician.
Letter Signed to General Sir Robert Baden Powell, 1 page 4to, 1 Great Cumberland Place, 30 March 1911. Promising to 'see how the sentiment goes with regard to your kind offer' concerning Scoutmaster Swaine.
£45 / $58 / €51 [No: 24012]

BERESFORD, Lord Charles (1846-1919). Admiral and politician.
Autograph Letter Signed to 'Dear Sir Charles', 1½ pages 8vo (docketed in ink at the head), Admiralty (blind stamp), 26 May 1887. Agreeing to watch the career of James Robinson and 'if he passes do what I can to give him a lift'.
£45 / $58 / €51 [No: 24974]
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CONWAY, Henry Seymour (1719-1795). Army officer and politician.
Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed peer [perhaps the earl of Bute], 3 pages 4to, ?Amenau, 19 September 1762. Soliciting advancement from the king.
£85 / $109 / €96 [No: 24722]
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HALL, Captain Basil (1788-1844). Naval Captain and author.
Autograph Letter Signed to Dr Richardson, 2¼ pages 16mo (weak in the folds, laid down on the remains of an album leaf), 77 Harley Street, 20 March 1840. Asking Richardson to append his name to 'our friend Grant's Certificate at the Royal Academy'.
£85 / $109 / €96 [No: 25871]

HOOD, Samuel, first Viscount (1724-1816). Admiral.
Autograph Letter Signed ('Hood') to an unnamed correspondent ('Dear Madam'), 1 page 4to, Bath, 27 October 1815. Commiserating with her on the difficulty of receiving letters from officers or men serving at sea, and explaining the problems of getting news from the East Indies.
£325 / $419 / €370 [No: 26692]
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KEITH, George Keith Elphinstone, Viscount (1746-1823). Admiral.
Important Autograph Letter Signed to Sir (William) S[idney] Smith (1764-1840, naval officer), 1 page 4to with address-leaf (name only), ?'Camp', 31 August or 'April' no year.
£450 / $580 / €513 [No: 24717]
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LAYARD, Sir Austen Henry (1817-1894). Excavator of Nineveh.
Autograph Letter Signed to [Thomas] Hughes, 2 pages 8vo, Piccadilly, ?21 October ?1851. Arranging to hold a dinner for the painter and sculptor George Frederic Watts. ('I have also spoken to Phillips who ... proposed a plan for kidnapping the pittore in case he should show any coyness in accepting the invite. ...')
£120 / $154 / €136 [No: 26557]
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MACGREGOR, John (1825-1892). Philanthropist and traveller, known as 'Rob Roy'.
Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent, 1 page 8vo (laid down on the remains of an album leaf), [Inner] Temple 29 March no year. Sending his terms for lecturing (no longer included) and adding that his lecture in Birmingham cleared £124.
£45 / $58 / €51 [No: 22639]

MARKHAM, Sir Clements Robert (1830-1916). Geographer and historical writer.
Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent, 1½ pages 8vo, 21 Eccleston Square, 2 December 1907. Thanking him for sending Sir Henry Knyvetts' Defence of the Realm with which he heartily agrees ('The antidote to socialism is patriotism').
£65 / $83 / €74 [No: 22860]
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PEARD, John Whitehead (1811-1880). 'Garibaldi's Englishman'.
Autograph Letter Signed to Miss Gilbert, 2 pages 12mo, Sparnon, Torquay, no date. Thanking her for bringing the sale of a bird to his attention, but regretting that it had been sold an hour before he contacted its owner.
£45 / $58 / €51 [No: 24478]
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ROBERTS, Frederick Sleigh, 1st Earl (1832-1914). Field Marshal.
Typewritten Letter Signed to the Rev J. Percy de Putron, 3 pages small 4to (a little soiled), 'On the Nile, 14 March 1909. Taking as his starting-point Putron's letter saying that he was to hold a Church Parade for his parishioners who had joined the Territorials, Robert expatiates on the duty of soldiering.
£150 / $193 / €171 [No: 25512]
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SABINE, Sir Edward (1788-1883). Army officer, explorer and physicist.
Autograph Letter Signed to E.W. Cooke, 3 pages 8vo, 13 Ashley Place, 27 April no year [watermark 1862]. Welcoming him home and inviting him to an early dinner to meet a colleague.
£110 / $141 / €125 [No: 25355]

SABINE, Sir Edward (1788-1883). Army officer, explorer and physicist.
Autograph Letter Signed to John Murray, 1½ pages 8vo (traces of glue in the margin), no place, 29 January 1867. Thanking Murray for a copy of de Chaillu's 'volume'.
£75 / $96 / €85 [No: 26214]

SCHENCK, Robert Cumming (1809-1890). Union Army General in the American Civil War.
Autograph Letter (third person), 1 page 8vo on flimsy paper, 1330 Mass[achuetts] Avenue ('cor[ner] 14th. W.), 3 February 1870. Accepting an invitation from Mr Philp for the following Thursday.
£45 / $58 / €51 [No: 26267]

SCOTT, Robert Nicholson (1838-1887). American Army Officer & compiler of Civil War Records.
Autograph Letter Signed to Prof Robert Thompson in Philadelphia, 1 page 4to on writing paper of the War Department, Publication Office, War Records, Washington, 21 July 1882. Explaining that pressure of work means that he will be unable to write an article on the American Army in time to meet the deadline, and suggesting in his stead General James Foy.
£45 / $58 / €51 [No: 26298]

SHERMAN, William Tecumseh (1820-1891). American general.
Lengthy Autograph Letter Signed to Mrs Julia K. Fish, 4 pages 8vo, Headquarters, Army of the United States, Washington, 11 July 1870. Discussing the future of Fort Monroe.
£425 / $548 / €484 [No: 24302]

SMYTH, William Henry (1788-1865). Admiral and scientific writer.
Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent, 1½ pages 8vo, St John's Lodge, Aylesbury, 26 January 1859. An amusing letter telling of the breakfast-table announcement of Baden Powell's election to his two sons.
£125 / $161 / €142 [No: 26571]

STANLEY, Sir Henry Morton (1841-1904). Explorer, administrator, author and journalist.
Autograph Letter Signed to Sir Alfred Lyall, 2 pages 8vo (facing, small area of damage to lower left hand corner of second leaf), 2 Richmond Terrace, 22 June 1891. Declining an offer of hospitality during his visit to Canterbury, and expressing his preference for a hotel.
£350 / $451 / €399 [No: 25379]
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WELLINGTON, Arthur Wellesley, duke of (1769-1852).
Autograph Letter Signed ('Wellington') to General Sir [James W]illoughby Gordon, 2 pages 8vo, S[tratfied] Saye, 7 September 1827. A fine political letter.
£750 / $967 / €855 [No: 26669]

WELLINGTON, Arthur Wellesley, duke of (1769-1852).
Autograph Letter Signed ('Wellington') to General Sir [James W]illoughby Gordon, 2 pages 8vo, London 8 July 1839. Explaining that he would be engaged with the Military Commission, but promising toto be 'ready to assist with my opinion upon any subject.'
£550 / $709 / €627 [No: 26668]

WOOD, Sir (Henry) Evelyn, VC. (1838-1919). Army officer
Typewritten Letter Signed to E.H. Montage [sic], 1½ pages 8vo, War Office (with blind stamp), 8 September 1899. Giving several reasons why Montage's brother-in-law would not be eligible for the Army Service Corps.
£85 / $109 / €96 [No: 25687]
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ZALINSKI, Edmund Louis Gray (1849-1909). Military engineer, developed the dynamite torpedo-gun.
The conclusion and signature from an Autograph Letter Signed ('I am, with much love, affectionately yours E.L. Zalinski'), with a postscript, ½-page 8vo, no date.
£85 / $109 / €96 [No: 24144]
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