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BARBIROLLI, Sir John (1899-1970). Conductor.
Programme for a concert given by the Brighton Philharmonic Society, 27 May 1945, signed on the front (rather soiled and worn in the folds). A simple four-page programme for a Hallé concert of Rossini, Debussy, Richard Strauss and Tchaikovsky.
£55 / $70 / €62 [No: 21956]

BARRETT, Wilson (1846-1904). Actor and dramatist.
Fourteen Autograph Letters Signed to various correspondents, in all 18½ pages 8vo, from the Royal Princess and New Olympic Theatres, a number of hotels etc., 1882-1903 where dated
£285 / $367 / €324 [No: 26634]

BERLIOZ, Hector (1803-1869). French composer.
Autograph Letter Signed to Emile Deschamps, poet and author of the libretto of Roméo et Juliette, 1 page 8vo, Friday evening [27 October 1848].
£850 / $1096 / €969 [No: 26746]
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DUSE, Eleanora (1859-1924). Italian actress.
Autograph Letter Signed to Signora Maddalena, 3½ pages 4to with envelope, Hotel Bristol, Vienna, no date. Sending ecstatic thanks for her kindness, and asking her to interpret in an interview with Director of the Vienna Burgtheater.
£150 / $193 / €171 [No: 25028]
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FECHTER, Charles Albert (1824-1879). Actor and dramatist.
Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent ('Dear friend'), 1 page 8vo, 18 Marlborough Place, St John's Wood, no date. Deferring an engagement ('Don't come tomorrow ... and be kind enough to tell Miss Monthill that I have to read, write and sign, all sorts of law papers of most important business ...').
£65 / $83 / €74 [No: 21124]

FECHTER, Charles Albert (1824-1879). Actor and dramatist.
Autograph Letter Signed in French to Renand, 1 page 8vo, 18 Marlborough Place, no date. Introducing his old friend Mr Mathieu-Plessy, who was hoping for help with selling his products, and adding that he had no personal news.
£55 / $70 / €62 [No: 22539]

FOLDES, Andor (1913-1992). Pianist.
Autograph Letter Signed to Dr Ernest Roth at Boosey and Hawkes in London, on an air letter form, New York, 23 December 1948. Looking forward to another pleasurable meeting when he returns to London and giving details of his forthcoming tour when he will play Bartok, Beethoven and Mozart.
£55 / $70 / €62 [No: 21853]
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GERMAN, Sir Edward (1862-1936). Composer.
Autograph Letter Signed to Miss Rosenfred, 1 page 8vo, 5 Hall Road, St John's Wood, 12 April 1905. Declining to sign a photograph whose publication had not been authorised.
£45 / $58 / €51 [No: 7777]

GIGLI, Beniamino (1890-1957). Operatic tenor.
Postcard-sized photograph of Gigli (full length on a boat holding aloft his sailor's cap), signed vertically in ink, 1951.
£110 / $141 / €125 [No: 21095]

GOUNOD, Charles François (1818-1893). French composer.
Autograph Letter Signed to 'Mon cher Coulon', 1 page 8vo with integral blank leaf, 1 January 1889. Mentioning Jeanne d'Arc, perhaps the mass he composed in honour of her memory, and complaining of toothache, fatigue and bad nights.
£250 / $322 / €285 [No: 25058]

GROSSMITH, George (1847-1912). Entertainer.
Autograph Letter Signed to Miss Maurice, 1 page 8vo, 28 Dorset Square (on paper of the Queen's Hotel, Birmingham), 14 February 1896. Telling her that he must return home after the recital, but inviting her to call round at the end '& let me say "how do you do?"'.
£85 / $109 / €96 [No: 25056]
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HENSCHEL, Sir George (1850-1934). Musician.
Autograph Letter Signed to [Mary] Carmichael, 1 page 8vo, no place, 23 March 1895. Sending his terms (no longer present), and, if agreeable, arranging to 'make room for your friends'.
£45 / $58 / €51 [No: 22332]
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IRVING, Sir Henry (1838-1905). Actor.
Autograph Letter Signed (entirely in Irving's hand), to Mrs Riggs, 2 pages 8vo on separate leaves (hinged to an album leaf), Hotel Bristol, New York, 9 November 1901. Written during the American tour with Ellen Terry, thanking her for a book, etc.
£120 / $154 / €136 [No: 25915]

ITURBI, José (1895-1980). Pianist, conductor & composer.
Signature above the biographical notes about him in a programme of the Concert Club Courtauld-Sargent Concerts with the London Philharmonic Orchestra. Held on Monday & Tuesday, 12 & 13 October [1936]; with a ticket stub for the performance.
£45 / $58 / €51 [No: 6507]
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KEAN, Charles John (1811-1868). Actor and theatre manager.
Three Autograph Letters Signed, two to an unnamed correspondent, one to Mrs ?Lowden, in all 5 pages 8vo, 3 Torrington Square and Brighton, 19 November 1843, 30 January 1853 and no date. One to the editor of Age newspaper, thanking him for a favourable article and asking for a dozen copies, another declining a play as too dangerous, and a third tracing a previous letter containing an enclosure for Egg.
£150 / $193 / €171 [No: 25581]

KEAN, Charles John (1811-1868). Actor and theatre manager.
Brief Autograph Letter Signed to Mr (?Mrs) Shaw, 1 page 8vo (a little worn and with old fold marks), 'Wednesday night', no date. 'Thank you. It will do admirably. Just the thing.'
£85 / $109 / €96 [No: 24767]

KEAN, Ellen (1805-1880). Actress.
Three Autograph Letters Signed to Mrs ?Lowden, an unnamed woman and Miss Desborough, in all 5 pages 8vo, two on black-edged paper, 31 July 1868 and no date (one watermarked 1849). Two of them declining invitations on the grounds that they do not 'enter society' on days that they act and 'We shall be putting on character dresses whether we fancy them or not', and offering some trinkets.
£135 / $174 / €153 [No: 25580]

KEAN, Ellen (1805-1880). Actress.
Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent ('Sir'), 1 page 8vo, no place, 28 July [watermark 1858]. Sending her thanks, and those of her husband Charles Kean, for a gift of salmon.
£45 / $58 / €51 [No: 2597]

KODALY, Zoltán (1882-1967). Hungarian composer.
Signature in ink ('Kodály') on the title page of the programme for a Promenade Concert on 28 August 1948, slight rusting of the staples, otherwise fine. Kodály was to conduct his Suite Háry János as the last item in the first half of the concert; the remainder was conducted by Stanford Robinson. Alan Loveday played Mendelssohn's Violin Concerto.
£225 / $290 / €256 [No: 25829]
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LIND, Jenny (1820-1887). Swedish soprano.
Attractive Autograph Music Quotation Signed of four bars headed 'Swedish Polska' and 'In kind Remembrance', dated July 1863, 80 x 90 mm. (3¼ x 3½ inches) on decorative paper. If 'Swedish Polska' is indeed the correct reading it is rather a contradiction in terms.
£350 / $451 / €399 [No: 22926]

LIND, Jenny (1820-1887). Swedish soprano.
Autograph Letter (third person) as Mme Goldschmidt to an unnamed photographer, 1 page 8vo (creased with former mounting evident on the reverse), Brighton, 13 November no year. Enclosing a cheque for the 36 photographs safely received.
£55 / $70 / €62 [No: 21920]

LINDO, Olga (1898-1968). Actress.
Two Autograph Letters Signed to Mrs John Drinkwater ('Daisy'), in all 5 pages 8vo and a signed card, Chichester Court, 5 Crawford Street, all undated. Commiserating with Daisy's ill health, arranging to meet for tea, and thanking her for a party. The card presumably accompanied flowers ('I do hope you are feeling better')
£45 / $58 / €51 [No: 21734]
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MACREADY, William Charles (1793-1873). Actor.
Autograph Letter Signed to (William) Torrens McCullagh (1813-1894, Irish politician and author), 2 pages 12mo on black-edged paper, Sherborne House, Dorchester, 13 August 1856. Thanking him for a manuscripts and for his biography of 'our excellent friend'.
£85 / $109 / €96 [No: 25706]

MARCHESI, Blanche (1863-1840). French-English singer.
Autograph Letter Signed to 'Dearest Maud', 2 pages 8vo (oblong, somewhat soiled), 16 Greville Place, 'Wednesday' no date. Thanking her for a tray.
£45 / $58 / €51 [No: 22816]

MARTIN, Helen Faucit (1814-1898). Actress.
Two Autograph Letters Signed, to Miss Cole and Lady Cole, 6 pages 8vo, Onslow Square, 23 March and 21 December no year. Apologising to Miss Cole for the delay in thanking her for a 'pretty note about the Lady Beatrice', and declining an invitation from Lady Cole because of another engagement.
£65 / $83 / €74 [No: 26588]

MARTIN, Helen Faucit (1814-1898). Actress.
Autograph Letter Signed to Mrs Beale, 3½ pages 8vo, 31 Onslow Square, 18 May no year. Crying off a visit as they are to go to either Paris or Wales, and complaining repeatedly and dramatically about the cold winds.
£55 / $70 / €62 [No: 25675]

MASSE, Victor (1822-1884). French composer.
Autograph Letter Signed to 'Mon cher Denis', 1 page 8vo on blind-stamped monogrammed paper, with blank leaf, 27 April no year. A hasty note asking for a box for the same evening.
£85 / $109 / €96 [No: 25452]

MASSENET, Jules (1842-1912). Composer.
Large music manuscript, a page of the full score of his opera Bacchus on 22 staves with a pasted-on strip (not illustrated). The manuscript measures 400 x 400mm (16 x 16 inches) at its widest point.
£525 / $677 / €598 [No: 22251]

MATHEWS, Charles James (1803-1878). Comedian and dramatist.
Autograph Letter Signed to Messrs Syms of Furnival's Inn, 1½ pages 8vo, Edinburgh, 19 June 1863. Investigating a bogus claim made in his name against the South Western Company.
£45 / $58 / €51 [No: 2868]

MELBA, Dame Nellie (1861-1931). Soprano.
Autograph Letter Signed to Lady Sheffield, 1½ pages 4to, Balmacaan, Drumnadrochit, Inverness, no date. A thank-you letter for the loan of a handkerchief ('so badly needed'), wishing Lady Sheffield pleasure in 'the bridge a deux', and enthusing about the advantages of Scotland.
£125 / $161 / €142 [No: 25151]
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NOVELLO, (Joseph) Alfred (1810-1896). Music publisher.
Autograph Letter Signed to T[homas] Alsager (1779-1846, financial journalist and businessman), 1 page 4to with integral address-leaf and red wax seal (somewhat worn), on writing-paper of the London Sacred Music Warehouse, 12 June 1845. Thanking Alsager for tickets for a performance of Beethoven Quartets.
£55 / $70 / €62 [No: 23779]
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ORGER, Mrs Mary Ann (1788-1849). Actress.
Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent (the manager of the Haymarket Theatre), 2 pages 4to (part of the conjoint, blank page missing), Theatre Royal, Drury Lane, 27 May 1817. Offering her services for the following season.
£65 / $83 / €74 [No: 24021]
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PADEREWSKI, Ignace Jan (1860-1941). Polish pianist & statesman.
Signature ('I J Paderewski'), and sentiment ('in kind remembrance of'), on an 4to leaf, Torquay, 21 March 1899. Lower down on the page is a similar signature from Otto Neitzel (1852-1920, German composer, pianist and writer on music), also from Torquay, 28 October 1899.
£150 / $193 / €171 [No: 26084]

PARK, John (1804-1865). Divine, poet and composer.
Autograph Letter Signed to William Tullock at St Mary's College, 1 page 8vo (evidence of former mounting), 4 Hope Street, 29 December 1862. Sending a box of cigars, noting that 'I know you are a smoker - from necessity too, & not of choice'.
£55 / $70 / €62 [No: 24366]

PARRATT, Sir Walter (1841-1924). Organist & composer.
Autograph Letter Signed to Miss Barnett, 4 pages 8vo, Stourport, 30 July no year. A critique of a piece of music ('a nice unaffected little piece, much pleasanter to play than half the frantic operatic arrangements so much in vogue now'), and reporting that they had dined with the Stanley Baldwin's.
£55 / $70 / €62 [No: 24401]

PARRATT, Sir Walter (1841-1924). Organist & composer.
Autograph Letter Signed to Reynor on one side of a correspondence card, The Cloisters, Windsor Castle, 13 February 1913. Congratulating Reynor on his part-song, thanking him for the dedication, and offering to try to 'get it done',
£45 / $58 / €51 [No: 25986]

PAUER, Ernst (1826-1905). Austrian pianist and composer.
Autograph Letter (third person) to Mrs Darrock, 3 pages 8vo, 3 Cranley Place, Onslow Square, 8 March 1862. Offering her three tickets to his 'last historical Concert' and asking that she collect him after the concert to discuss lesson terms ('much better arranged verbally than by writing').
£48 / $61 / €54 [No: 24450]

PEMBERTON, Charles Reece (1790-1840). Actor & public lecturer.
Autograph Letter Signed (without salutation) to Pearson, 3 pages 4to, 'At Mr Robinson's', 5 August 1826. A lengthy attempt to secure Pearson's patronage, utilising both pathos and braggadocio.
£45 / $58 / €51 [No: 26356]

PETRASSI, Goffredo (1904-2003). Italian composer, conductor & teacher.
Autograph Letter Signed to [Hans] Roest in French, 1 page 4to, Rome, 5 August 1974. Thanking Roest for birthday wishes and for appreciation of his work that had been played by the BBC.
£55 / $70 / €62 [No: 24572]

PIETTE, Henri & REDING, Janice Piano duo.
Autograph Letter Signed (by both) in French to Monsieur Roth, the text in the hand of Janice Reding, 1 page 4to on air paper (somewhat creased, some ragged edges) Gresous, Switzerland, 13 December no year (received stamp 17 December 1947). Discussing a proposed concert of works by Bela Bartok.
£45 / $58 / €51 [No: 24641]

PLAYFAIR, Sir Nigel Ross (1874-1934). Actor & theatre manager.
Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent, 1 page 8vo on black-edged paper(some fading), Garrick Club, 22 October no year. Affirming that he played parts both in The Tempest and The Two Gentlemen of Verona.
£45 / $58 / €51 [No: 24735]

PRATT, Samuel Jackson (1749-1814). Writer & actor; pseudonym Courtney Melmoth.
Autograph Letter Signed [to Sir Martin Archer Shee, 1769-1850, portrait painter and writer], 2 pages 8vo (slightly ragged at the bottom), no place, no date. Praising his Elements ('I should be happy to receive your work ... well satisfied it will prove an agreeable companion in a poste chaise; and what is far better, an interesing friend in the Closet').
£55 / $70 / €62 [No: 25088]
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RAMBERT, Dame Marie (1888-1982). Ballet dancer & founder of the Rambert Dance Company.
Signed (on the cover) Programme of the Sunday Ballet Club at the Lyric Theatre, 26 November, 1961 (a little worn, one central crease).
£45 / $58 / €51 [No: 26516]

RANDEGGER, Alberto (1832-1911). Music teacher & composer.
Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed woman ('Madame'), 1 page 8vo (lacking the blank leaf), 31 Orchard Street, Portman Square, 28 June 1869. Agreeing to set a poem to music 'for the occasion mentioned in your letter'.
£45 / $58 / €51 [No: 25727]

RAYNER, Lionel Benjamin (1788-1855). Actor.
Autograph Letter Signed [to the manager of Drury Lane Theatre], 1 page 4to, 1 Crown Street, Westminster, 20 September no year [watermark 1810]. Offering his services for one night only, which will fit his plans for a northern engagement.
£45 / $58 / €51 [No: 25815]

REINAGLE, Alexander Robert (1799-1877). Organist.
Autograph Letter (third person) to Mrs Livingston, 1 page 4to (small tear, and old repair to the back) no place, no date. Promising to send a song as soon as it reappears from the engraver.
£55 / $70 / €62 [No: 25966]

RICHARDS, Henry Brinley (1819-1885). Pianist & composer.
Autograph Letter Signed ('Brinley Richards') to [Mary] Carmichael, 3 pages 8vo, 6 Saint Mary Abbot's Terrace, Kensington, 'Wednesday Morning' no date. Praising her work.
£45 / $58 / €51 [No: 22323]

ROBESON, Paul (1898-1976). American actor and singer.
Postcard-sized photograph (head and shoulders), 5½ x 3½ inches (135 x 86 mm.), a sepia-toned image, clearly signed in ink in the lower right hand corner, undated.
£350 / $451 / €399 [No: 26020]

ROBEY, Sir George Edward (1869-1954). Comedian.
Self caricature in blue and red pen, signed and inscribed. On a postcard, 140 x 85 mm. (5½ x 3¼ inches). Undated.
£75 / $96 / €85 [No: 25245]

RUSSELL, Henry (1812-1900). Vocalist & song-composer.
Autograph Letter Signed to 'Master Edwin Davis', 4 pages 8vo (bit missing from the top of the first page, not affecting the text), 18 Norfolk Street, Sheffield, 18 September 1856. Praising young Davis's letter (not only ably dictated, but it is admirably written'), making it well deserving of Russell's 'little present'.
£65 / $83 / €74 [No: 23195]
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SAINT-SAENS, Camille (1835-1921). French pianist, organist and composer.
Autograph Letter Signed to a friend, 3 pages 8vo (the second pair conjoint, small holes in the fold, not affecting the text), no date. Complaining about serious mistakes when there had been plenty of time to make the corrections.
£250 / $322 / €285 [No: 22968]

SALAMAN, Charles Kensington (1814-1901). Composer.
Autograph Music Quotation Signed, three staves cut out and laid down on a small card (some foxing), dated 27 December 1883 and then again on the card 1884. The music sets Shakespeare's sonnet 44 (If the dull substance of my flesh were Thought), and appears to have been sent as a new year's greeting.
£50 / $64 / €57 [No: 25989]

SANTLEY, Sir Charles (1834-1922). Singer.
Autograph Letter Signed to Miss Cowen on two sides of a correspondence card (slight traces of former mounting at the top), 5 Upper Hamilton Terrace, 1 October 1886. Explaining that he sings at the Carmelites only once or twice a year during the 40 hour exposition in Lent, but on Sundays he appears at the Passionist Church in Highgate.
£45 / $58 / €51 [No: 25985]

SANTLEY, Sir Charles (1834-1922). Singer.
Brief Autograph Letter Signed to 'Dear Harry', 1 page 8vo (oblong) in his characteristic green ink, 67 Carlton Hill, 23 January 1911. An invitation to dine the following Thursday ('house coat etc, nightshirt if you prefer it or pajjamas [sic]')
£45 / $58 / €51 [No: 26239]

SARGENT, Sir Malcolm (1895-1967). Orchestral conductor
Interesting Typewritten Letter Signed to Professor Walter Dilling with autograph note at the foot, 2 pages 4to, 9 Albert Hall Mansions, 23 March 1949, with Dilling's reply. Discussing the resignation of [Hugo] Rignold, Sargent's successor as conductor at the Liverpool Philharmonic, and regretting that his own suggested policy for the future of the orchestra had not been reported.
£75 / $96 / €85 [No: 26240]

SCHUMANN, Elisabeth (1885-1952). Soprano.
Autograph Letter Signed in English to the musicologist [Trevor] Harvey, 2 pages 8vo, 5 Thurloe Square, 30 June 1938. Apologising for not being able to see him during her visit, and suggesting that it might be possible when she returns in August.
£85 / $109 / €96 [No: 26270]

SCHUMANN, Elisabeth (1885-1952). Soprano.
Typewritten Letter Signed in German to the musicologist Trevor Harvey ('Sehr geehrter Herr Hawey' [sic]). ½-page 4to, Vienna, 27 October 1937. Thanking him for his friendly notice of her concert, and telling him that she would be in London at the Hyde Park Hotel on 13 November.
£75 / $96 / €85 [No: 26271]

SCHWARZ, Rudolf (1905-1994). Conductor.
Typewritten Letter Signed in English to the musicologist and conductor Trevor Harvey, 1 page 4to, Sävedalen, Sweden, 5 January 1949. Congratulating him on the excellence of his broadcast performance.
£85 / $109 / €96 [No: 26272]

SCHWARZ, Rudolf (1905-1994). Conductor.
Autograph Letter Signed to Mr Thompson, 1 page small 4to, no place, no date. Thanking him for his congratulations and for a catalogue, and promising to look at scores when he was next in Bournemouth.
£55 / $70 / €62 [No: 26278]

STAMPA, George L. (1875-1951). Cartoonist.
Amusing series of 7 Autograph Letters Signed, 5 of them illustrated, 5 to Newall and 2 to Mrs Newall, 10 Hodford Road, Child's Hill and Shaftesbury House, Cheadle Hulme, 10 September 1920 to 19 June 1923, where dated. Negotiating with Newall for the purchase of cartoons, the prices rising from 5 to 10 guineas, and tactfully declining to use any of Newall's ideas.
£325 / $419 / €370 [No: 24080]

SZIGETI, Joseph (1892-1973). Violinist.
Good quality reproduction photograph (half-length with violin), signed and inscribed in ink and dated 1952.
£185 / $238 / €210 [No: 23258]
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TAMBERLINCK, Enrico (1820-1880). Italian tenor.
Autograph Letter Signed in French to an unnamed correspondent, 2 pages 16mo on pink paper, 'Vendredi', no date. Explaining that it would be impossible for him to keep an appointment on Sunday, and asking him to return the album by his servant.
£120 / $154 / €136 [No: 22536]

TERRY, Dame (Alice) Ellen (1847-1928). Actress.
Autograph Letter Signed ('Nell') to an unnamed correspondent, 1 page 8vo, 22 Barkston Gardens, Earls Court, 'Friday', no date.
£120 / $154 / €136 [No: 25262]

TERRY, Dame (Alice) Ellen (1847-1928). Actress.
Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent, 1 page 8vo (a little creased, traces of mounting, one small corner missing), Lyceum Theatre, 30 October 1885. Acknowledging a letter of sympathy passed on by the actor-manager Henry Irving, and referring to difficulties with neuralgia which are impeding a busy work period.
£110 / $141 / €125 [No: 26527]

TETRAZZINI, Luisa (1871-1940). Operatic soprano.
Postcard depicting in colour a cottage at Barmouth, signed in ink and dated at London 10 December 1907.
£55 / $70 / €62 [No: 24464]

TOSCANINI, Arturo (1864-1957). Italian conductor.
Signed Photograph, 19 x 12 cms. (7½ x 4½ inches), signed in red ink the white space at the foot. Showing Toscanini in a pensive mood, holding his baton to his lips.
£350 / $451 / €399 [No: 25579]

TREBELLI, Zelia (1838-1892). French singer.
Autograph Letter Signed to Miss Hawkins, 2½ pages 8vo, Victoria Street, 'Friday' no date. Arranging to call.
£45 / $58 / €51 [No: 22321]

TURNER, Dame Eva (1892-1990). Opera singer
Typewritten Letter Signed on a correspondence card to Neil Tierney, 2 sides, 26 Palace Court, 28 May 1971. Recalling a meeting with Tierney, sending him a photograph, and conveying best wishes to Marjorie Hill.
£45 / $58 / €51 [No: 20063]
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VANBRUGH, Irene (1872-1949). Actress.
Autograph Letter Signed to Davis, 1½ pages 4to (oblong), 14 Hanover Square, 13 April no year. Expressing sadness at the passing of Mrs Walter Abrahams, a stalwart of the Theatrical Ladies Guild.
£55 / $70 / €62 [No: 25997]

VEZIN, Hermann (1829-1910). Actor.
Postcard-sized photograph Signed, a head and shoulders view in profile of the white-haired actor.
£55 / $70 / €62 [No: 6012]

VIARDOT, [Michelle] Pauline (1821-1910). Mezzo-soprano.
Black-edged calling card, with printed name and an autograph message starting on the front and concluding with signature on the reverse, 11 November no year. A note of thanks to Madame Hellmann, with the suggestion that Saturday at 3:00 might be convenient. Traces of former mounting hinges at the top.
£125 / $161 / €142 [No: 25686]
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