Facsimile letters of Sir Winston Churchill
These are typical examples of the letters Churchill sent out by the thousand to those who sent him messages of greetings on important or personal occasions. Notice that in the case of the first letter there is no specific date and no salutation and that the name of the recipient is typewritten at the foot of the letter. The accompanying envelope is typewritten although the letter itself purports to be in Churchill's hand. It is astonishing that these fairly crude facsimiles are so often taken to be genuine, and indeed that the recipients or their descendants can really believe that Churchill would have been able to take the time to reply personally and in his own hand to everyone who wrote to him.
There are of course many genuine letters of Churchill which convey greetings or thanks, but there would normally be a salutation ('Dear Mr Bloggs') to a specific recipient either in typewritten form, or in Churchill's hand if he was well acquainted with his correspondent.
The typewritten facsimile is less common, but unlike a real letter is not addressed to anyone in particular.

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