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TENNYSON, Alfred, Lord (1809-1892). Poet Laureate.
Cheque Signed, the text in Emily's hand, on a printed bank form. With the bank's usual pen-stroke cancellations and penny revenue stamp.

Tennyson was worried most of his life by his financial position and his household expenses, although not always with good reason. He kept his civil-list pension even after his income went up to £10,000 a year, and was, according to his publisher Charles Kegan Paul 'a thorough man of business' in negotiating his contracts. At his death he left an estate of more than £57,000, a tidy sum for one who spent a lifetime of worry about money (See Robert Bernard Martin Tennyson, the Unquiet Heart, pages 549, 578, etc.).

£120 [No: 0794]
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Image is of a similar cheque.