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CORELLI, Marie (1855-1924). Pseudonym of Mary Mackay, novelist.
Fine Autograph Letter Signed [to Carl Hentschel], 4 pages 4to on separate leaves, Stratford-on-Avon, 11 May 1903. Asking for help from the O.P. Club in defeating a plan to desecrate a Shakespearean landmark, and characteristically dictating the wording of a telegram which she wished the Club to send ('Dont mention my name in it').
From the text of the telegram 'To the Mayor and Corporation / Town Hall / Stratford-on-Avon':
'... Resolved: That the O.P. Club views with indignation the proposition to interfere in any further manner with Henley Street, either by the demolition of houses, or by the incorporation the 1563 building into a modern Free Library, the more especially as Mr Andrew Carnegie has publicly expressed his indifference as to the site. ...'

[No: 20721]

The image is of the first page only.

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