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ALMEDINGEN, Edith Martha (1898-1971). Novelist and poet.
Fine long Autograph Letter Signed to Nina [Sennett], 6 pages 4to, from Kenn Rectory, Exeter, 28 January 1944. Written to a student of hers, the letter discusses her personal and strong feelings about religion.
'... The Catholic Church ... I agree with you - frills & furbelows. This so-called doll's house furniture of the Church can be irritating in the extreme. But at its most puerile, it is always symbolic & symbolism redeems much. Anyway, even though I hearily reject most of the frills & furbelows they seem almost preferable to the tiresome & unsatisfying points of metaphysical view persecuted by liberalism in a religious form. Somehow arguing about Revelation suggests a saddle put on a cow. ...'
Nina Sennett was in the WRNS and a student of Russian at the College of the Sea. Almedingen agreed to tutor her and was impressed by the standard achieved.
Included with the letter are two Typewritten Letters Signed and a copy of a third to Miss Sennett from Sir William Hornell, Resident Advisor of the College of the Sea, reporting the favourable impression she has made on her tutor.

£50 [No: 21391]
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The image shows the fifth page, with signature.