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CHURCHILL, Sir Winston Spencer (1874-1965).
Significant archive of fourteen letters to his friend and collaborator, (Sir) William Deakin, 16 pages, mostly 4to, 1938-1963.
The present group of letters is written to the most significant of Churchill's five researchers for The Second World War, known as the 'Syndicate', the others being Gordon Allen, Lord Hastings Ismay, Denis Kelly and Sir Henry Pownall. The earlier letters deal with Deakin's work as literary assistant on Marlborough, His Life and Times (1938).
(1) TL, ('Dear Mr. Deakin) 8 June 1936, 2 pages 4to, Chartwell, signed on WSC's behalf, asking him to carry out research for Marlborough at Blenheim.
'When you go over to Blenheim find out first of all about the letter I showed you of Marlborough to Sarah from Arscott, September 22, 1705, in which he writes of something that Mrs. Masham (246) has done which is "as easy to her as eating". ... It has just occurred to me that of course the letter must be wrongly dated if 246 is Mrs Masham, because the marriage did not take place till 1707. ...'
(2) Typewritten Letter Signed ('My dear Deakin') with autograph salutation, 20 November 1938, 1 page 4to (small nibble from left hand margin), Chartwell, thanking him for the budget, commending on his reading ('sending them to the printer to-night'), and inviting him for the weekend.
(3) Typewritten Letter Signed ('My dear Bill') 10 January 1940, 1 page 4to, Admiralty, sending a cheque, and suggesting that he might help with the proofs.
'I send you herewith a cheque for £700, with all my thanks for your invaluable assistance in revising and reading my proofs and otherwise helping me in the long task we have now successfully accomplished.
 Please always count on me as a friend. ...'
(4) Typewritten Letter Signed, 21 July 1948, 2 pages 4to on separate sheets, 28 Hyde Park Gate, asking him to work with Kelly during WSC's absence in Aix-en-Provence, and to come out to France in September with material for Volume II.blockquote>'... will you please get in touch with Kelly and work with him - he has been collecting all the material for the changes in Volume II and will have it in an advanced state of preparation. You should go through it with him, and I should be very glad if you could come out to me on September 4 or 5 bringing out with you Volume II and all the material needed. We could then settle the whole matter once and for all ...'(5) Typewritten Letter Signed, 12 July 1952, 1 page 8vo, 10 Downing Street, on a different subject, perhaps one that the two had discussed during one of Deakin's visits.
'I have read the passages in Gairdner. They are certainly not at all convincing or well argued and I do not think they sustain the case for the murder of the Princes. In fact the arguments in favour of Richard III seem very strong. ...'
(6) Typewritten Letter Signed, 25 October 1952, 1 page 4to signed Winston S.C., 10 Downing Street.
'... there will be no more group work on the book after this month, as I shall not be able to do anything on it until just before it is published. At this stage I do not know when that is likely to be, or whether indeed it will be published while I am in office. ... I am hoping to see you and Pussy the second Mrs Deakin one day when we get into the new Session. ...'
(7) Typewritten Letter Signed, 31 December 1952, 1 page 8vo signed W in typescript only, 10 Downing Street, sending copies of three chapters.
(8) Typewritten Letter Signed, 13 December 1953, 1 page 4to signed 'W', 10 Downing Street, 'I was glad to see you and Pussy', and thanking them both for a book.
(9) Typewritten Letter Signed, 3 December 1955, 1 page 8vo signed 'W' with autograph salutation, 28 Hyde Park Gate, looking forward to reading The Dreyfus Case.
(10) Typewritten Letter Signed, 30 January 1956, 1 page 4to signed in full with autograph salutation, La Pausa, Roquebrune, probably referring to his work on the revision of his History of the English-Speaking Peoples.
'... I am working hard at the third volume, and hope to make the Marlborough part more interesting.'
(11) Typewritten Letter Signed, 16 March 1956, 1 page 4to signed in full, La Pausa, thanking him for books and looking forward to seeing him in France.
(12) Typewritten Letter Signed, 4 May 1958, 1 page 4to signed in full, Chartwell, inviting Deakin and his wife to Chartwell.
(13) Typewritten Letter Signed, 13 July 1958, 1 page 4to, signed in full and with autograph salutation, Chartwell, hoping to see him in France 'and should be most interested to hear of your meetings with Tito.'(14) 26 January 1963, signed W.S. Churchill, 1 page 4to, 28 Hyde Park Gate, about FWD's fund-raising for St Antony's College. [Deakin had become the first Master of St Antony's College, Oxford].
'... It would be a tragedy if St Antony's which contributes so much to the Free World, should wither away through lack of funds. Your enterprise serves not only Britain and America, but the new nations of Asia and Africa. To plant the right seed in those lands now renders the highest service to us all.'

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