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MONTGOMERY, James & MONTGOMERY, Robert (1771-1854) and (1807-1855). Poets.
Collection of 15 Autograph Letters Signed, 1 Letter Signed and 2 poems (1 partial) of James, 1792-1853 and 12 Autograph Letters Signed and one partial autograph poem from Robert, 1830-1853.
Though not related, James Montgomery was a supporter of the young Robert Montgomery (originally Gomery), and a subscriber to his first, youthful volume of poems, published in 1825 when Robert was but 18 years old.

Letters of James Montgomery:
Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent, 1 page 4to (heavily repaired on the back), Sheffield, 1793. Promising to settle the account, explaining in graphic detail the ill health which has prevented his doing so previously, and asking that a pair of shoes be made and sent to him.
  Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent, 1 page 4to (trimmed), Sheffield, 15 March 1823. Asking his correspondent to forward the questions, which he promises to return without delay.
  Autograph Letter Signed to Messrs Baldwin, Cradock & Co, 1 page 8vo (trimmed and laid down), Sheffield, 16 June 1824. Sending an account for advertising in The Iris.
  Autograph Letter Signed to Sir James Williams, 3 pages 4to with integral address-leaf (seal tear, not affecting the text), Sheffield, 12 May 1829. Evidently a congratulatory letter on Williams' marriage, full of praise and good wishes ('for some happy men are made to be more than twice as good as themselves when alone, and others (like me) only half as good at best as they ought to be ...').
  Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed woman ('Dear Madam'), 1 page 4to, Hartshead, 1 September 1832. Acknowledging receipt of a mortgage payment.
  Autograph Letter (third person) to Cockrane, 2 pages 4to, Royal Institution, 28 April 1831. Discussing lectures to be given at the Royal Institution ('If Mr C. will have the kindness to state his proposal, which so far as it is at present understood appears sufficiently liberal, J.M. will give him as early an answer as may be expedient'). The lectures (on poetry) were published in 1833.
  Autograph Letter Signed to The Revd G.L.C. Bergue, 1½ pages 4to, The Mount, Sheffield, 1839. Promising to deliver a lecture to the Mechanics' Institute of Lincoln ('at a little inconvenience') if possible.
  Autograph poem, 1 page 8vo, decorative embossed edging , The Mount, Sheffield, 23 July 1840. A poetical rendition of Isaiah LIV.10, in three stanzas of 6 lines each, beginning:
The mountains shall depart
The hills shall be removed;
Faithful, O Lord! Thou art,
Faithful has ever proved;
And Faithful to eternity,
Thy world of promise stands to me.
  Autograph Letter Signed to John Darlington, 1 page 4to with integral address-leaf, The Mount Sheffield, 2 February 1841. Acknowledging the 'Vote of goodwill' of the council of the Bradford Philosophical Society at the conclusion of his lectures ('with a Bill of 36.15') and declaring his sojourn in Bradford 'among the pleasantest of the kind, which I have paid as a stranger and came away as a friend'.
  Autograph Letter Signed to 'Gentlemen', 1 page 4to, The Mount, Sheffield, 21 June 1841. Thanking them for releasing him from an engagement to write an introductory essay to a 'Splendid Edition' of Thomson's Seasons and offering them the use of his papers and notes and his further research services.
  Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent, 1 page 8vo (oblong, probably originally 4to, trimmed with the loss of half the address-leaf), 25 January 1843. Apologising for not having answered his correspondent's letter of the previous November, and assuring him of improved health.
  Autograph poem (hymn?) signed, 1 page 8vo (trimmed and incomplete), The Mount Sheffield, 24 June 1843. Four stanzas of 4 lines each, beginning:
Safe in thine everlasting arms,
That compass'd me around,
Body and soul, from fears and harm,
The bands of slumber bound.

  Autograph Letter Signed to F[rederic] Shoberl (1775-1853, author and editor), 1 page 4to with integral address-leaf, remains of red wax seal (smeared) and penny-red stamp, The Mount, Sheffield, 27 January 1846. Thanking Shoberl for sending copies of Forget-me-not during the two years that he had not contributed, and explaining this lack ('I had nothing to offer, having not, so far as I am aware, composed forty lines pretending to be poetry above the style of a few, very few Christian Hymns during the suspension of Annual Tribute to your elegant Miscellany.').
  Autograph poem signed and addressed to Alexander Ingram at the Renfrewshire Advertiser Office, 1 page 4to with integral address leaf, red wax seal and penny-red stamp, The Mount, Sheffield, 5 April 1848. Entitled 'The Christian Graces' and taken from 1 Corinthians, XIII.13, in two stanzas of four lines each:
Faith, Hope and Charity - these Three;
Yet is the greatest Charity;
Father of lights! these gifts impart
To mine, and every human heart ...

  Autograph Letter Signed to Miss Skelton, 1 page 4to, The Mount, 5 April 1852. Praising her essays ('I think there appears considerable improvement beyond your earlier essays and I trust you will go on always doing your best and then you will always do better, and declining an invitation on the grounds of old age.
  Autograph Letter Signed to Messrs Rogers, Olding & Rogers, bankers, 1 page 4to with integral address-leaf and penny-red stamp, The Mount, Sheffield, 4 July 1853. Sending the quarterly certificate for his pension (no longer included) and asking for payment ('at your convenience').
  Letter Signed, signed also by Robert Rodgers, 1 page 8vo, 10 New Palace Yard, no date Inviting attendance at a meeting of the deputation from Sheffield for the opposition to the Sheffield New Gas Light Bill.

Letters of Robert Montgomery:
  Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent, 1 page 8vo with embossed shield of the Clan Montgomery (motto: 'Garde Bien'), Torquay, 22 November no year (received note in the corner dates it as 23 November 1865). Asking that his clock be sent by rail to his house in Torquay.
  Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent, 1 page 8vo (laid down), Lincoln College, 'Thursday', no date Eliciting support for his new work ('by exhibiting it etc etc').
  Autograph Letter Signed to Mrs Adolphus, 2 pages 8vo with integral address-leaf (some loss of the blank last page, no loss of text), Old North Street, Red Lion Square, 'Friday Noon' no date [watermark 1821]. Reporting gleefully that his publisher has given him 800gns for his forthcoming volume, and complaining of toothache.
  Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent, 3½ pages 8vo, 51 Torrington Square, London, 'Thursday' no date Sending a copy of his Christian Life' ('Truly gratified shall I be, if you find it, in any degree, calculated to purify the heart, & elevate the public sympathies ...'), and reporting the book's favourable reception by Professor Maurice Trench, together with a small card with embossed border, bearing four lines from The Christian Life ('God save the Church! where rites control, Chasten, subdue & calm the soul').
  Autograph Letter Signed (initials) to his publisher, 2 pages 8vo, no place, 'Monday Dec 30' no date Asking the same conditions as those of The Conference be met in the publication of the 6th edition of Luther, urging him to remember that 'this poem is not a mere volume of verse, but a unique textbook on all the great principles of our national protestantism'.
  Autograph Letter Signed to W[illiam] Jerdan, 3 pages 8vo, Old North Street, Red Lion Square, no date[watermark 1821]. Allowing that Jerdan was right to omit the lines [of his poem], praising recent numbers of the L[iterary] G[azette], and remarking of Gilburn's piece 'it was replete with falsehood'.
  Autograph Letter Signed to the Revd T.H. Bowerbank, 1 page 4to (oblong) with integral address-leaf (some tears near the seal, possibly trimmed), Strand on Green, Kew Bridge, 'Friday' no date Asking that an accompanying letter (no longer present) be read before he delivers his papers.
  Autograph Letter Signed with the integral address-leaf half-missing, the correspondent's name excised, 2 pages 8vo, 5 Old North Street, Red Lion Square, 18 March 1830. Agreeing to meet his correspondent's friend, adding 'I hope your friend has not mistaken me for my namesake - James Montgomery - the author of The World before the Flood. I have the misfortune to be answerable for sundry poems ...'.
  Autograph Letter Signed to Miss Londey, 3 pages 8vo with integral address leaf (seal tear), 12 Leigh Street, Red Lion Square, no date (postmark 27 April 1832). Complaining of the publisher Maunder, praising Murray, and detailing the vicissitudes of publishing his Messiah.
  Autograph Letter Signed to Ed[ward] Beach, 3 pages 8vo with integral address-leaf, red wax seal (and its tear re-affixed) and penny-red stamp, no place, 'Saturday' no date, postmarked 1846. Reporting that he had purchased the whole stock of Luther and that he expects the few remaining copies of Satan and Messiah to be sold, and arranging to preach for Beach.
  Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent, 2 pages 8vo, 51 ?Firmington Square, December 1851. Sending a copy of his latest work and asking that it be forwarded to the proper quarter ('After your last note, it would be indelicate for me to say more than that').
  Autograph Letter Signed to an unnamed correspondent, 3 pages 8vo (laid down) 31 ?Frimington Square, 15 December 1853. Insisting that he had answered his correspondent and sent the letter to his Magdalen Hall, Oxford address.

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