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BRAZIL, Angela (1868-1947). Writer of books for schoolgirls.
Publicity photograph on a four-page brochure extolling her works, signed in ink on the picture (with a separate facsimile signature below), no date ca 1918. 175 x 114 mm. (7 x 4½ inches), a little soiled on the outer pages.
Angela Brazil was the author of forty-eight books for children. Hilary Clare in Oxford DNB comments that:
'So vast was Angela Brazil's contribution to the girls' school story that she is popularly supposed to have invented it, but in fact it had been emerging as a separate genre for over twenty years before her first essays in it. She gained her pre-eminence by a prolific output and a concentration on the genre, so that by the 1920s she was recognized as the leading writer of girls' school stories.'

£85 [No: 23561]
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