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HUGHES, Thomas (1822-1896). Author of 'Tom Brown's School Days'.
Autograph Letter Signed to Mr Heald, 1 page 8vo with narrow black border and integral blank leaf, 33 Park Street, 3 November 1869. Giving his reasons for having resigned from the [Reform] League.
'... It was not this Fenian folly (as to which I quite agree with you) that made me withdraw from the League. Directly after the passing of the Bill when they put out their new programme I sent in my resignation as I could no longer go with them & thought their usefulness was over & that they shd. had dissolved. ...'
It is likely that Hughes is referring to subversive trade union activity when using the term 'Fenian'. He had been elected as a member of parliament for Lambeth and 1865, and in 1868 was elected for the constituency of Frome in Somerset. Even before his parliamentary career he was active in the trade union movement through the work of the Reform League and as a member of the Trade Union Congress.

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