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HAGGARD, Sir Henry Rider (1856-1925). Novelist.
Autograph Letter Signed to 'Dear Mr ?Barker', 3 page 8vo, Ditchingham House, Norfolk, 20 October 1912. Haggard has received his letter from Miss Hector, he is working on his Royal Commission but could perhaps see ?Barker on certain days, and he sends the full text of an article which the Times had truncated.

'... from 10-30 till 5 I am working on my royal Commission. If however you could come to the National (not the National Liberal) Club (1. Whitehall Gardens) ... or failing that a note addressed to Athenaeum Club, Pall-Mall & marked "to wait arrival". ...'

Haggard served on various royal commissions, the closest to this date apparently being the royal dominions commission (1911). It is possible, however, that he refers here to the empire settlement committee, established to help relocate First World War veterans.

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