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CROOKES, Sir William (1832-1919). Chemist & science journalist.
Typewritten Letter Signed to Mrs Maskelyne, 1 page 8vo, 7 Kensington Park Gardens, 1 September 1911. Explaining that Crookes and his wife had been laid low by the extreme heat and were only slowly recovering.
'... Please distribute the copies of my papers as you and Mr. Miers think best. I think I have additional copies of most of them, but it would require much hunting over them to see if any are wanting.'
Crookes may be here referring to the mineralogist Sir Henry Alexander Miers (1858-1942), a fellow of the Royal Society. It is possible also that his correspondent is Thereza Mary, the widow of Nevil Story-Maskelyne (1823-1911, mineralogist).

£125 [No: 25192]
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