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JONES, Alan Payan Pryce- (1908-2000). Writer & critic.
Series of 3 Autograph Letters Signed and 5 Typewritten Letters Signed ('Alan') to Anne Wignall, in all 11 pages 8vo and 1 page 4to with 6 envelopes, September 1956 to December 1957. Written when he was editor of Times Literary Supplement, the letters show Pryce-Jones as commissioner of work, literary mentor and friend.

'... why not use a good agent: Spencer Curtis-Brown of 6 Henrieta Street. I have no confidence in H. Hamilton's judgment: he often lets first-rate things slip. So don't be cast down.'

'Your "Mrs Gladstone" was splendid and gave immense pleasure to Gina Battiscombe....'

'... Of course you are right: the silly tale of James & the Gloucester was a
bad work, and I said so later. But I believe that one of the forms of unhappiness (and she is really a very, if superficially, unhappy woman) is to hit out at everyone. ...'

£135 [No: 25519]
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The image shows part of one letter only.