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CONRAD, Joseph (1857-1924). Author.
Autograph Letter Signed to [Richard] Curle (1883-1868) as 'My dear Curle', 2 pages 8vo with blank leaf, Oswalds, Bishopsbourne, 28 August 1922. Thanking him for sending two books and commenting on them.

'... "The Surgeons Log was sent me years ago by the author. The work of the other man I heard discussed even before it appeared in book form but have read nothing of his so far. ...'

The Surgeons Log by J. Johnston Abraham, 1912, recounts Abraham's experiences sailing the coasts of Japan and South East Asia.
Richard Curle had been introduced to Conrad by Edward Garnett (1868-1937) in 1912 or 1913 and became a close friend. It has been said that 'in his relations with Conrad, about whom he wrote three books and many articles and pamphlets, Curle became both protégé and protector - a combination of sympathetic critic, bibliographer, collector, acolyte, entrepreneur, literary son, and friend.' (See The Collected Letters of Joseph Conrad, ed. Davies, Karl and Marle, 2007, p. xxxv). The present letter is not in this edition (and presumably not among the 150 to himself that Curle had published), and is apparently previously unknown.

The reading of the date is questionable, but 1922 seems preferable to 1923 since Conrad wrote another letter to Curle, addressing him more intimately as 'My dear Dick', on the latter date.
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