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COUPLAND, Sir Reginald (1884-1952). Historian.
Autograph Letter Signed to [John] Drinkwater, 4 pages 8vo (paper clip mark at the head), Wotton Hill, Oxford, 27 August 1936. Discussing the relationship of the king with the Colonies and Protectorates.

'... To those Africans & Malays & so forth who are surprisingly educated the King means something. I have heard the Governor of Nigeria talking to the Emirs of Northern Nigeria about the King's wishes. ... Perhaps one might put it that the King is a constitutional monarch in his Commonwealth of Nations, i.e. in each of the Dominions, that in India he is partly a constitutional monarch (in so far as the Princes are about to have responsible govt. under the new act). ... And, as regards the Colonies & Protectorates, he is the Supreme Chief, symbolising his 'trusteeship' over those backward peoples, exercised through his Govt. & Parlt. in the U.K. ...'

£65 [No: 25909]
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