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DAVY, Jane (1780-1855). Society figure. Widow of Sir Humphry Davy.
Autograph Letter Signed to [the Royal Institution], 1 page 8vo, no place, 'Thursday Even.', 16 November 1829 in pencil in another hand. Beginning without salutation, and asking for the 'exact' date when the Royal Institution had published Sir Humphry's 'extraordinary & creative discovery [sic] of the Metals of the Earth'.

She further inquires if the publication was the same year as the French prize was awarded.

Jane Davy (1870-1855) was a wealthy widow when Sir Humphry married her in 1812. Sir Humphry Davy had died in Geneva on 29 May 1829 and is buried there. The memorial tablet in Westminster Abbey was paid for by his widow.

Davy had won a prize from the Paris Académie des Sciences for his work in 1806 showing that the decomposition of pure water by electricity yielded only oxygen and hydrogen. He and Jane, with the young Michael Faraday as assistant and occasional valet, went to Paris to collect the prize in 1813.

£150 [No: 25920]
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