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MILNE, Alan Alexander (1882-1956). Novelist and playwright.
Autograph Manuscript (in pencil), entitled 'Programme for the Next 3 Months', incorporating a small drawing, dated '21.i.43'. 1 page 8vo (ca 215 x 140 mm. / 8½ x 5½ inches) irregular at the right hand edge., written on the reverse of part of a royalty statement from E.P. Dutton & Co (New York) for the Christopher Robin Reader.

The drawing is of a hippopotmus in a long coat with wide-brimmed hat, above the caption 'Belisha the Hippotish', perhaps an allusion to the politican (Isaac) Leslie Hore-Belisha (1893-1957), who had been from 1937 for three years a rather unsatisfactory secretary of state for war.

The manuscript comprises six numbered statements of Milne's personal views as to the future course of the second world war:
'1. Germany will be driven back to the line of the Dnieper in the South and the Baltic Provinces in the North.
2. Finland will make Peace (Genuine).
3. The axis will be axed in Africa. Everything will hot up for under-belly invasion, probably in the Balkans ...'

Although he held strong pacifist convictions Milne had been commissioned into the Warwickshire regiment and served as a signals officer during the first World War. He wrote little about his experiences on the Somme and elsewhere, but he spoke out with the conviction that war should be avoided (Peace with Honour, 1934), and later that Hitler should be opposed (War with Honour, 1940).

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