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WATSON, Sir William (1858-1935). Poet.
2 Autograph Letters Signed to [John St Loe] Strachey, 5 pages 8vo, Carlton House, Fisherton, and c/o John Lane in Albany, no date. Regretfully turning down a commission to write a feature on Hazlitt, expressing concern over Hutton's health and sending a new poem (copy no longer enclosed).
'At the risk of being pronounced an unmitigated humbug, I fear I must cry off the Hazlitt proposal. A short letter aimed at the Spectator, seemed feasible, & so, afterwards, did a longer one shaped for magazine requirements but this would necessitate some furbishing up of my rather tarnished W.H. ... & perhaps interfere with verse-projects which now engross all my life, I may say. ...'
John St Loe Strachey, cousin of Lytton Strachey, was appointed joint proprietor and editor of The Spectator in 1887 alongside Richard Holt Hutton, succeeding Meredith Townsend. He also became its chief leader-writer, general manager and literature critic and the paper's circulation doubled under Strachey's leadership.

£85 [No: 26386]
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