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DUNDAS, Henry, 1st Viscount Melville (1742-1811). Statesman.
Ticket of admission to the trial of Lord Melville, 115 x 77 mm. (4½ x 3 inches), rather creased and soiled. The ticket (No. 76) bears the name 'Mr S. Baxter' on the front, and on the reverse two red wax seals, the signatures of (Sir) P[eter] Burrell and Lord Dartmouth, the words 'for D.G.C.' and 'For the Kings Box'.

In April 1805 the House of Commons had resolved to impeach Melville for the supposed embezzlement of navy funds. He resigned as First Lord of the Admiralty, the office eventually going to Thomas Grenville, whose brother became Prime Minister. After a long trial Melville was acquitted by the House of Lords on 12 June 1806.

With a signature of Melville removed from the foot of a letter.

£110 [No: 26444]
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