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SHAWCROSS, Hartley William, Baron (1902-2003). Barrister, politician & businessman.
Lengthy Typewritten Letter Signed to Stanley Baldwin, 2½ pages 4to on writing paper of the President of the Board of Trade, 25 May 1951. While exonerating himself from blame ('not my responsibility'), explaining the disparity between the price paid by the Raw Cotton Commission for Sea Island cotton from Montserrat and the price at which it is sold domestically.
'... Under the Cotton (Centralised Buying) Act, 1947, these are statutorily the responsibility of the Raw Cotton Commission. I have, however, been in touch with the Commission about the questions you raise and they tell me that they are at present working out a scheme in conjunction with representatives of the West Indies ...'

The scheme, outlined at length, seems to entail establishing a fund to be used at times when the price of cotton is lower, in order to secure a continuing fair income for the West Indian growers.

£75 [No: 26482]
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