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ARNOLD, Sir Edwin (1832-1904). Poet, journalist and miscellaneous writer.
Autograph Manuscript Signed of a poem 'To Matthew Arnold', 2 pages 4to (a little wear in the folds), 15 April 1888 (the day of Matthew Arnold's death).

A laudatory poem of twenty-eight lines to his namesake. The two poets were not related but in America, Matthew Arnold found himself credited to an embarrassing extent with the poetical baggage of his namesake. Edwin Arnold spent 28 years as a writer and editor on the Daily Telegraph. He was best known for his epic poem, The Light of Asia, to which he owed most of his fame.
Suffer that - as thou takest boat to cross
Grim Charon's Stream, on voyage, heavy loss
To England - but to thee gain manifold -
I pluck thee by the shroud, and press thy cold
Forgetful hand ...'

£150 [No: 26493]
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