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POLIGNAC, Prince Jules de (1780-1847). French statesman.
Autograph Letter (third person and probably not autograph) to [Robert] Peel (then home secretary), 1 page 4to with endorsements, Portland Place, March 1825. Offering the pictures of 'Monsieur le Chevalier de la Neufville' for sale to the British government 'pour la Galerie que le Government anglais a exprimé l'intention de former'.

What is now the National Gallery was founded in 1824 when the British governemnt purchased the collection of paintings assembled by John Julius Angerstein. With the addition of the collection of Sir George Beaumont this was housed at 100 Pall Mall, Angerstein's former residence, until a new building, on the north side of Trafalgar Square was opened in 1828.

Polignac was at this time the French Ambassador to London.

A short biography of Polignac, in pencil, appears at the top of the letter. The contemporary endorsments include 'Rel: to Monsr. Neufville's collection of Pictures wh. he offers to this Gov.t for sale' and 'Enclosure sent to Treasury 2 April'.

£55 [No: 26510]
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