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BANCROFT, Sir Squire (1841-1926). Actor and theatre manager.
A large miscellaneous collection consisting of 48 Autograph Letters Signed, in all 89 pages 8vo and 3 correspondence cards, dated from 1877 to 1920. The letters are written from his home at 18 Berkeley Square and also from his myriad clubs including his apparent favourite the Garrick (10). The Beefsteak (1), The Athenaeum (1), the Marlborough (2) and Oxford's Vincent's (1).

Correspondents include Sir Whitworth Wallis (1855-1927, museum and gallery curator), Sir Robert William Edis (1839-1927, architect), Charles Henry Hall (1763-1927, dean of Christ Church, Oxford), Edward Levy-Lawson (1833-1916, newspaper proprietor), George Bradley (1821-1903, dean of Westminster), Sir Henry Thompson (1820-1904, surgeon), and many others.

'... I send you some old studs which I have had for many yeas. When you plan and 'old country part' they will be pretty if used to fasten the lace at your wrists and shirt front. ...' [To 'Bertie', an actor to whom two letters are written.]

'I send you my best thanks for your kind letter and have told the Lord Chief that you will second me ...' [To Sir Henry Thompson.]

'... I know that when I have acted pathos I have not yet satisfied you. However, your criticisms have at least met with the result of an earnest effort on my part to abandon the faults you have pointed out ...' [To Sir Henry Thomson.]

Mostly in good condition; one or two with evidence of former mounting etc.

£325 [No: 26635]
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The image is of a letter to Millais.