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Alzira delayed by Verdi's illness.

VERDI, Giuseppe (1813-1901). Italian operatic composer.
Fine Autograph Letter Signed to his librettist Salvatore Cammarano, 'celebrated melodramatic poet at the Theatre of Naples', 1 page 8vo with facing address-leaf, Milan, 2 June 1845. With transcription and translation.
'We artists are never allowed to be ill. It's not enough to have always behaved like a gentleman and done one's duty conscientiously. Impresarios will believe one or not, as the fancy takes them. ...'
Verdi had become ill and composition of Alzira, to a libretto by Cammarano, had gone slowly and the premiere had to be delayed, to the annoyance the Naples impresario Vincenzo Flauto.
Verdi had made the acquaintance in Milan of the Duca di San Teodoro, who had added a few lines of his own to a letter Verdi had written to the Marchese Luigi Imperiali, Superintendent of Theatres. In this letter he had asked the Marchese to intervene on his behalf with the Naples company to obtain a month's respite. 'The moment this postponement has been obtained, I will set off for Naples immediately' [which was was able to do on the 24th].
 He thanks Cammarano and ask forgivess 'for the endless trouble I have caused you. After all, both you and I want the matter to be settled. To tell you the truth. I've had quite enough of it all. ...'

£2250 [No: 26748]
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