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The image is of one letter only.

Correspondence of the Gibbs family, agricultural nurserymen, consisting of 16 letters to family members, receipts, and 3 letters to seedsman George Brigham. Dating from 1786 to 1848, the correspondence is between family members, who ran nurserys in Brompton, Piccadilly and Ampthill, Bedfordshire, from customers placing orders and from suppliers offering trees, barley, etc.

'Mr Trench of Maulden (for the Duke) wishes you to send down immediately 40 hw of good growing parsley seed, as he wants to sow for his sheep. ... Tom and his Grand Father talks of pay you a visit very soon, as we have almost finished killing off Bonaparte. [8 April 1804 from the elder Gibb to the his son]
'I recieved your Catalogue and have sent you a small order for Mr Chaloner
2000 Ashes Transplanted 3 feet
4000 Ashes Two years Seedlings
12000 Oaks two years Seedlings
6000 Larches two years Seedlings
[14 October 1814 from John Barker to George Brigham]
'I send by my waggon nine quarter of Barley It is all I have thrashed out and very much fear I cannot send you any more for these ten days if you like to have it as I got it ready you may but I cant engage to send it the end of that week... ' [James Daniel to Gibbs, December 1807]

[No: 19907]

The image is of one letter only.

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