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COVENTRY, Sir William (1628-1686). Politician.
Autograph Letter Signed to Sir Robert Clayton, then Sheriff of London, 1½ pages folio with integral address-leaf (part missing, inlaid), Minster Lovell, 31 July 1675. Finding fault with a property near Hampton Court which Sir William wishes to buy and which he feels has been overpriced by Sir Robert.
A favourite of Pepys often mentioned in his Diary, Coventry was a witty and capable politician who, together with his brother, wielded great power in Parliament. He subsequently retired to Minster Lovell and refused all offers to return to power.
'... I cannot say any thing knowingly to the particular, but doe thinke it a very probable judgement that the parke is over rated in quality, whatever it be in quantity. ... The computation is mistaken (either in transcription, or framing) making 190 acres togther wch should I thinke bee but 70. The decoy cannot be considerable for a revenue in that place (farre from great waters) nor doe I thinke it reasonable that or the fishponds should be otherwise considered there to induce the buying the land not withstanding ... its situation, & its neighbourhood to Hampton Court. ...'

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Illustration is the text on the second page only

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