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LEAR, Edward (1812-1888). Artist and nonsense poet.
Autograph Letter Signed with a thumbnail sketch to Charley [Beadon], 2 page 8vo (the first a little dust-soiled), Villa Tennyson, Sanremo, 11 March 1884. A charming and playful letter sending a drawing to a young friend.
'I want you to oblige me by accepting the little drawing I send with this gnote; for 2 (sic) reasons.
1st. I have been reading this morning my journal of March 11. 1861, when My dear sister Ann died, who brought me up from a Ninfant. (I am sorry she hadn't a better lot to bring up, but that ain't my fault.) And I find that among many kind friends at that time, none were more so to me than your Father and Mother. ...'
2dly. 'Your mama having told me that you must not try too much at present to copy assiduously, I send the drawing partly as a consolation for your not being able to copy the 100 Turner's Liber Studiorum subjects; which, though wonderfully beautiful, would be no comfort to nobody if so be as you wazzn't able to copy them without over working your health.
3dly. If you wish to give half the drawing to Mama, do not cut it in half rectangualarly, but diagonally - so [thumbnail sketch] which plan will be more judicious & proper. And remember, that inside the top of the pine tree there is a nest of blackbirds with 4 young ones, only you can't see them in the drawing. ...'

[No: 20493]

The image is of the second page only.

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