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The image is of the second side only.

DOYLE, Sir Arthur Conan (1859-1930). Creator of Sherlock Holmes.
Autograph Letter Signed on two sides of a correspondence-card to General Enesy in Budapest, Bignell Wood, Minstead, Lyndhurst, Hampshire, 19 November no year. Thanking him for a book, and discussing plans for a possible lecture in Vienna, mentioning that he would come with his family.
'... If (a big 'if') I come in the Spring who is there in Vienna who could manage things in a good way. It should be done on a large scale, the biggest Hall in the city. ... I would guarantee you and the Vienna people against financial loss, taking any upon myself. On the other hand if there were profits they would be equally divided between the Promoters and myself, for I should probably bring my family and the expense would be heavy. ...'

Conan Doyle's second wife, Jean, came to share his beliefs in spiritualism, developing the art of 'trance writing'. On a lecture tour in America in 1922, she conducted a seance with Harry Houdini, in an attempt to help him make contact with his dead mother.
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The image is of the second side only.

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