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C S Lewis on the education of boys

LEWIS, Clive Staples (1898-1963). Writer on religious topics and for children.
Fine Autograph Letter Signed to the headmaster [of Harrow], 2 pages 8vo closely written, Magdalene College, Cambridge, 6 October 1955. Expounding his views on the subject of the education of boys.
Although the letter is addressed merely to 'Dear Headmaster' a reference to boys becoming 'Bloods' makes it evident that the recipient is Robert Leoline James (1905-1982), headmaster of Harrow, 1953-1971 ('I never thought to receive anything "on that writing paper" which would give me so much pleasure').
'... You wd. also have pointed out to me justly that I am a negative critic. I think Boys that section of the human race in whom the Fall is most frequently apparent, and I've no idea what system of education would palliate this best. I fancy they'd be cruel, arrogant & lecherous whatever masters do - and masters (perhaps you agree with me on that point) can do so much less than parents & educational theorists suppose. Sir M. Sadler, asked about some new experiment at school, once said in my hearing "well, you know, we must wait till the children have grown up and can tell us what really went on". ...'

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The image is of the second page only.

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