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MENDELSSOHN, Felix (1809-1847). German composer.
Fine Autograph Letter Signed ('Dein F.') to [Karl] Klingemann in London, 1 page 4to closely written with address on the reverse, Paris 9 January 1832. With a full transciption and translation.
Explaining that the French post office had refused to allow him to retrieve and earlier letter, and begging his friend to read this one first. Sending family news and discussing [Adolf Bernard] Marx (1795-1866, music critic and theorist, professor of music at Berlin university 1832). He promises to come to London as soon as possible after the performance of some of his works at the Conservatoire.
'... So you think that I should encourage you gently regarding Marx? I shall not do that, nor encourage you strongly either. You know Marx; you know that he is a musician and a good fellow, and you know that he is my friend and know what I think of him, and that is enough from me. He certainly does need a text, it is time, and the fact that the rest of us do not lack confidence in your artistic ability is just as natural as the fact that you yourself do. In any case, everything does not depend on this opera for him, just as it cannot depend on any single work; so do what you consider to be right and to be best for all of us. For the same reason, I shall not mention how pleased I would be if you were to write the poem. So write and tell me. And farewell, I hope we shall see each other again very soon and very happily; some pieces of mine are being put on in the Conservatory, they start on the 19th; as soon as that is over I shall come and we shall make a great deal of music and other amusements. Give my warmest regards to Rosen and Goldschmidt and tell them I shall visit them when I am next in London. What is Julianus doing, none of you have mentioned him, and Paul has not replied about S. George? Answer!'
Not published in Felix Mendelssohn-Bartholdys Briefwechsel mit Legiionsrat Karl Klingemann in London (Essen, 1909).
[No: 22976]

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