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BARLOW, Major General J.I. British General in the War of 1812.
Six Autograph Letters Signed to various military leaders, 13½ pages 4to, Dover, 17 December 1811 to 14 September 1814.
A fine collection of correspondence from General Barlow in his capacity as commander of troops while stationed in Dover during the War of 1812, describing troop movements and military strategies. The following letters are included:
17 December 1811, to General Nicholls, 1 page 4to, reporting the arrival of the Starry Transport with the heavy baggage of the 4th Dragoon Guards, and requesting a route to Canterbury.
8 June 1813, to the Earl of Roslyn, 4 pages 4to, discussing a route for the march of a detachment of the third King's Regiment German Hussars from Deal to Ipswich. Includes a letter from Colonel Tobriny relating to directions written on verso.
21 July 1813, to General Canterbury, 1½ pages 4to, reporting on the additional personnel he has added to the 33rd Regiment.
11 October 1813, to Major French, 2 pages 4to, acknowledging the receipt of routes and calling in a detachment of the 1st West York currently based at Folkstone.
14 October 1813, to the Earl of Roslyn, 2 pages 4to, confirming that he has ordered a detachment from the Derbyshire militia to relieve the 1st West York at Deal.
14 September 1814, to Major General Haddon, 3 pages 4to, reporting on the sailing of the Galway Militia without their full complement of men, listing the various personnel left behind.
'... P.S. it is true that upon account of the water the Transports were obiliged to get out of the harbour without any delay but nothing in my opinion can justify their sailing without the men above named.'

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The image is of one letter only.

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