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OFFENBACH, Jacques (1819-1880). French composer.
Autograph music manuscript, 1 page 4to (oblong) on 14-stave music paper, no place, no date. Sketches in 3/4 time.
The page contains three separate passages. The first, written on the top two staves, is the sketch for a 19-bar melody, of which bars 1 to 12 are apparently intended to be repeated. The second, written on staves 3 and 4, is of 8 bars - melodic line and some indications of harmony with an accompaniment in the bass. The third, written on staves 6 to 7, shows a further 8 bars of melody and accompaniment, very sketchily done. It is possible that all three sketches relate to the same work.
 This is an interesting example of Offenbach's working method, and shows some of his shorthand techniques, for example in repeating phrases.
[No: 23425]

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