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BENTHAM, Jeremy (1748-1832). Political economist.
Autograph Letter Signed to M[atthew] D[avenport] Hill, 1 page 8vo with integral blank, Q[ueen] S[quare] P[lace], 22 September 1823 ('½ after 11 A.M.'). Asking for information from 'our most virtuous of Honorables', presumably Leicester Stanhope (later 5th Earl of Harrington).
'Already I send you the information desired by me of our most virtuous of Honorables, as mentioned in mine of last night sent this day by the same direction, before 8. This too I must beg you to return per twopenny [post]as soon as you have taken note of it:˙for I want it to act upon.
 Another datum requisite is the time a letter takes to go by post to Geneva: but that I shall be able to ascertain on Tuesday evening, and will thereupon let you know. ...'

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