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LISTER, Joseph (1827-1912). Surgeon. Founder of antiseptic surgery.
Autograph Letter Signed to Dr [Donald] MacAlister (1854-1934), 1 page 8vo on black-edged paper, 12 Park Crescent, 25 January 1900. Acceding to a request of the Special Board of Medicine ('I hope, however, that I may never have to exercise the function').
Donald (later Sir Donald) MacAlister was an influential member of the General Medical Council for forty-four years from 1889, and was unanimously elected as president in 1904.
'MacAlister ruled the GMC with a rod of iron. He made himself expert on such diverse business matters as preliminary and postgraduate education, the registration of nurses and midwives, Indian medical education, and the National Insurance Act. In the council chamber he displayed an uncanny memory, while his command of precedent and procedure coupled with a native ability of reconciling divergent views enabled him to streamline GMC business.' [A.J. Crilly in Oxford DNB]
[No: 23661]

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