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HAMILTON, Emma, Lady (1761?-1815). Mistress of Lord Nelson. Wife (widow) of Sir William Hamilton.
Fine Autograph Letter Signed [to Henry Dundas, 1st Viscount Melville], 3 pages 4to on black-edged paper, 23 Piccadilly, 14 April 1803. Begging him to intervene on her behalf with the Prime Minister to procure a portion of the pension previous paid to her husband, Sir William (who had died eight days previously).
'I know that in writing to you I write to a true & sincere Friend who allways was ever ready to serve me. I now am obliged by my unfortunate situation to apply to ministers for a portion of my dear Sir Williams pension being left very far below what I ever thought I should & indeed what will not procure me any one comfort of life.
 'I have my dear Lord been of great use to my King & Country by being placed as the Friend of the Queen of Naples for so many years at Naples and can prove to your Lordship that what I say is true. I know as ministers will the case is difficult not to make a precendent but my dear lord my claims are different if I could see you only for ten minutes it wou'd give me great pleasure & I could convince you that I am an object of His Majestys most gracious charity. ...
[P.S.] 'I have wrote to Mr addington [the prime minister] & your Lordship I know has great power if you will be so kind to speak in my behalf it will contribute much to my future comfort. Excuse this swrawl but I am very low & ill both in body & mind. ...'
Sir William had died at 23 Piccadilly with Emma and Nelson at his side. By his will and later codicil he left the bulk of his estate to his nephew, George Greville, and £800 to Emma with a further annual allowance of the same.
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