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BULLER, Sir Redvers Henry (1839-1908). General.
Autograph Letter Signed to Watson, 2½ pages 8vo, Halfa, 26 September 1884, docketed by the recipient. Soliciting Watson's help in investigating the reason why his orderly's wife has not received his pay and spurning reports of the difficulties of negotiating the cataracts on the Nile.
'I have a most admirable black orderly attached to me. I asked him in a moment of friendliness whether he was comfortable here. He said that he was quite happy except that his wife in writing to him said that she did not receive his pay. ... As I have an interest in my darky will you give me the information as to his wifes case....'
Buller was at this time part of the Gordon relief expedition under Sir Garnet Wolseley.
'... We are getting on & things look easier than they did - the Nile especially. The Cataracts of that magnificent river being a humbug. I went easily up the Second the other day with 5 natives who had never rowed a small boat before to help me. ... Having our railway washed way in a rainless (!!) country though has been a little hard. ...'

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The image shows the first page only.

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