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O'RIORDAN, Conal (1874-1948). Writer & actor; director of the Abbey Theatre.
Autograph Letter Signed to 'My dear Henry', 2 pages 4to (file holes), 106 Meadvale Road, 8 February 1922. A rambling letter written at 5.00 a.m. ('Rising betimes to give my six months old son his bottle'), discoursing on his own foibles, his exhaustion, his fortitude, and the publication of his latest Adam book.
'... Fortunately within my crumpled body there burns an amazing vitality: at my rest hut in France during the crisis of the last advance from 6 August to the second week of October 1918, I never took off my tunic except to wash and never lay down for an unbroken hour. Not bad for a crippled man of letters four and forty years of age. ...'

[No: 24022]

The image shows the first page only.

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