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Physician advocates euthanasia

PARIS, John Ayrton (1785-1856). Physician.
Autograph Letter Signed to 'The Chairman of the Pow Wow', evidently a fellow-physician, 2 pages 8vo, no place, no date. Backing any form of treatment his correspondent prescribes for what appears to be a hopeless case, hinting that the loss of the cook may have contributed to the failure in health, and advocating budgetary restraint.
'... Should it, however, appear, after a mature deliberation upon his case, that he is beyond the reach of art, I would suggest the expediency of at once bringing his existence to an end, in order to spare his friends the useless expence of his maintenance, as well as the pain of witnessing a protracted struggle.'
A letter evidently written in jest, and unlikely to relate to a human 'patient'.

£55 [No: 24323]
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