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CAROLINE, Queen (1768-1821). Consort of George IV.
Autograph Letter Signed as Princess of Wales ('Caroline Princess de Galles'), in her appoximate French, to Professor Tamassini, 3 pae 4to, [Pesaro], 21 August 1818.
Expressing her pleasure at the news that his wife has been safely delivered of a baby girl, looking forward to congratulating him in person on his next visit, and conveying the good wishes of 'Monsieur le Baron'[her lover, Bartolomeo Pergami]; she adds that she will be especially pleased to see him again later in the year as she hopes that Cardinal Albani will be in Pesaro at that time, and notes that Marquis Antaldo's letters to their mutual friend Dr Rosari appear to be censored by the police (".comme la police est si inquiet a son suject.")
 Caroline's marriage to the future George IV (already secretly married to Mrs Fitzherbert) had been a disaster from the outset, and they lived separate lives. Offended at her exclusion from the celebrations to mark the fall of Napoleon in 1814, Caroline agreed to leave the country in exchange for an annual allowance,and settled in Italy, where she was soon living openly with her former servant Pergami (or Bergami). Gossip about her affairs and lifestyle was widespread and Hanoverian spies watched her in the hope of obtaining proof of adultery which would give George grounds for the divorce he wanted, but never obtained. When her husband finally acceded to the throne in 1820, she was famously shut out of her own coronation.
Provenance: from a collection formed by A.M. Broadley in 1903.
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