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DICKENS, Charles (1812-1870). Novelist.
Autograph Letter Signed to Jules [Julius] Benedict, 1 page 8vo with blank leaf (slight evidence of former mount), Garrick Club, 16 June 1857. Concerning an invitation that Dickens had issued to perform in a concert.
'In my former note to you this morning, I used the word "conduct". It may not explain what I mean - there will not be an orchestra, and therefore I mean, to direct and accompany - in which latter office Mori will assist. ...'
Dickens goes on to explain that it will be necessary to make an immediate announcement about the concert and that he would therefore send a messenger to Benedict the same evening for his reply.
 Julius Benedict (later Sir Julius, 1804-1885, conductor and composer) whom Dickens usually called 'Jules', may have been rather surprised to learn that he had been asked to conduct when there was to be no orchestra. What he then thought of having to share his duties, such as they were, with [Francis] Mori (1820-1873, professor of singing at the Crystal Palace) is open to speculation.
 See The Letters of Charles Dickens, Pilgrim Edition, Vol VIII, page 353 where the letter is noticed from a sale at Sotheby's in 1974, but the text not published.BenedictMori
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