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'I am the happiest woman in the world ...'

HAMILTON, Emma, Lady (bap. 1765-1815). Nelson's mistress. Wife of Sir William Hamilton.
Autograph Letter Signed ('Emma H[art].') to Mary Dickenson at Taxal, Chapel[-en-]le Frith, in Derbyshire, 2 pages 4to with address-leaf and red wax seal, no place, 14 July 1791. The address is in another, unidentified, hand.
Mary Dickenson, née Hamilton, was the niece of Sir William Hamilton. She had been assiduously courted by the prince of Wales before her marriage to her Derbyshire squire. Emma, not yet married to Sir William Hamilton, although his mistress since she had been sent to Naples by her then lover, Charles Greville, Hamilton's nephew, is here seen matchmaking for Mr Dickensons' sister, Eliza, telling her sister-in-law that she would be visited by the Chevalier Palombi and that she herself and Sir William would follow them to Taxal. Emma was to be married to Sir William Hamilton on 6 September of this year. It would be a further two years before Emma met Captain Horatio Nelson in Naples.
'you have made me very happy by your great kindness in haveing wrote to invite me with your dear Uncle to visit you & mr Dickinson [sic] at taxal, I have so many obligations to you Madm, that (I) think the joy I felt when I Recd your dear letter, where you are so good as to give me an opertunity of thanking you in person, & I hope to shew you that you have not pleaded in a wrong cause, in short Madm I am the happiest woman in the world, But as I shall have the honer & happiness to see you soon I will defer all I have to say till then. I saw the Chev(alie)r palombie to day, he will be with you next week & let you know when we shall be able to come, believe me Madm I count the days hours & moments till I can assure you & Mr Dickinson how much I am your oblidged / & truly gratefull & sincere / Emma H.
Cavr palombi is the best man in the world & Miss Dickinson will be very happy, & now
I feel dubly so as I shall have it in my power to make naples more agreable to her, & then she will not Blush to Receive any attentions that it will be my duty & inclinitions to shew her.'
See Beloved Emma, by Flora Fraser, 1986, where this letter is quoted (page 161).
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