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GALLICO, Paul William (1897-1976). American novelist, short story & sports writer.
Autograph Letter Signed and 4 Typewritten Letters Signed ('Paul' and 'Paul Gallico'), in all 4½ pages 4to with 3 envelopes, Antibes, 1972-1975, together with 3 Autograph Letters Signed of his third wife, Virginia. The letters are written to Philip Bennett, his wife, the radio and television journalist Jeanne Heal, or to both, cataloguing a growing friendship forged during their mutual inhabitance of Antibes.
The first letter is a brief and formal one from Gallico to Jeanne Heal, requesting information about her clipping service. The Gallicos lived in Antibes for many years and, it is apparent from these letters, the Bennetts visited there regularly. The blossoming friendship is illustrated in the exchange of invitations, thank-you letters, and congratulatory notes.
'It does me no good to learn that you will be at home on Tuesday, July 11th, since Virginia and I will be at home here and our two homes are too far apart. I wish you were here or that we were there. Cannot we arrange some kind of community home where we could all be "at" together. ...'
 'A copy of your book seems to have taken up permanent residence on my desk and a quick brush through my files tells me to my horror that I never wrote specifically to say thank you for the copy, thank you for the inclusion of Ludmila and myself, and congratulations on what must be a really hot seller. ...'
Jeanne Heal's You and Your Handwriting was published in 1973, after she took up a second career as a graphologist.
'So sorry we can't make the party. We're here. Couldn't I just send a black tie. ...'

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