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GÊROME, Jean Léon (1824-1904). French painter.
Group of four Autograph Letters Signed, 4 pages 8vo and 16mo, two on headed paper of 65 boulevard de Clichy, Paris, two autograph envelopes, [1858]-1903 where dated
One authorising his correspondent to show the bearer of the letter the four engravings he has recently purchased, two by Leopold Robert and two by Paul Delaroche; another to the editor of the Gazette des Beaux-Arts, recommending his friend [Gustave] Eyries, who has just finished a book on the sculptor Simart which the Gazette is sure to review; and two to the journal L'Illustration, explaining that his son-in-law is abroad and that he has no authority to allow a reproduction of any of his paintings, not even the portrait of a lady on horseback which he might have submitted to the Salon, and tetchily declining to permit reproduction of a photograph from a bound volume.

GérÔme was a pupil of Paul Delaroche. The journal L'Illustration was the first publication to print photographs, in black-and white and subsequently in colour.

£450 [No: 25404]
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