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PROCTER, Bryan Waller (1787-1874). Poet and lawyer. 'Barry Cornwall'.
Three Autograph Letters Signed ('B.W. Procter') to Laman Blanchard (1820-1889, writer), 5 pages 8vo (one written horizontally) with addresses (delivered by hand), 1839 where dated
Commenting on Horace Smith's works ('I read one of them years ago - Brambletye House - & thought it very bad. Will that serve your turn?), and expatiating on his reasoning. Explaining that he must depart in an hour's time 'for a Lunacy Visitation' (Procter had been appointed a metropolitan commissioner of lunacy in 1832, with a stipend of £800 a year), which would prevent his writing an article, and suggesting, rather tongue in cheek, that Blanchard himself puffs the writer:
'... Cannot you say that Horace Smith's genius is of the voracious and graphic order ... That he does not falsify history. That his personages are paraphrases of the gentlemen of whom we have but glimpses in Hume or Clarendon or the memoirs of the period - That there is a diversity of character in his books - a want of pretence & affectation. ... That though he is not Sir Walter Scott - he is perhaps as good as any of his followers [... this will be a lie, I fear.] etc. etc. ...'
Suggesting that Blanchard is working too hard, and that perhaps Procter and Forster could take over for a while at the Weekly ('Forster shall be the Politician & I the moralist etc.'), promising him papers on the Law Reform and one on the emancipation of the Jews if they would be useful, and in the third letter (dated 13 March 1839) accepting an invitation:
'I shall be very happy to be one of the number to dine Macready. But, remember, I cannot be one of those who will doubtless be found under the table at 4 A.M. (as I understand was the case upon a late occasion). ...'

£450 [No: 25514]
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