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GRAVES, Robert (1895-1985). Poet.
Three Autograph Letters Signed to a young admirer, Eunice Cherry, in all 2 pages folio on flimsy paper (some discolouration) and 1 page 8vo, London and Mallorca, 1960. Eunice was studying for her G.C.E. exams, at the same time as Graves's daughter Lucia was studying for her A levels at the Lycée Francais in London. Graves's letters reflect the young student's lively interest in literature.

'... I'm glad you dislike Milton; so do I. I also dislike Virgil and Wordsworth except for rare early poems. But conceal your dislikes from the G.C.E. examiners. ...
'Men poets worship the Muse; women poets are in the difficult position of having either to
be the Muse (in the sense of taking over the divine authority) or to keep out of it. All women poets who have been any good have done that and been extremely unhappy as a result. ...'[9 January 1960]

'...John Wain is sore at me for laughing at him for being such a valetudinarian - always giving himself pills, potions, drops, injections & dear knows what all.' [9 March 1960].

'...I met at a party a very sweet, simple, English girl (as it might have been you or Judy) & she wanted to hear all about King Arthur & I did my best - and she turned out to be Julie Andrews. ... [3 February 1960]

All three letters retain their envelopes.
[No: 25577]

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