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ROSSETTI, Gabriele Pasquale Giuseppe (1783-1854). Father of Dante Gabriel, Christina and Michael Rossetti.
Amusing and affectionate Autograph Letter Signed (in Italian) to Bartolommeo Gamba in Venice, 2 pages 8vo with address-leaf, Trieste,20 November 1831.
Complaining that he has no news of him nor of his other friends Ferrucci and Paravia, though he is visited every Friday night by Petrarch (Friday being a bittersweet day for the poet), who brandishes a sheet of blank paper at him 'quasi per ricordarmi que gli sono debitore del III volume delle sue Poesie minori', then throws a pile of notebooks onto the table and tells him to 'write, write, write'. So that is what he is doing - writing to Gamba, whom he calls his 'pimp' ('mio mezzano par la donna bolognese'), to Paravia, to 'that lazybones' Viviani, to Bellini, to 'the Virgilian' Mancini, and to all his Petrarchan debtors.

Rossetti was appointed professor of Italian at Kings College London in 1831. Friday (venerdi, the day of Venus, and the sixth day of the week) held a special significance for Petrarch, and his beloved Laura, according to him, died on Good Friday.

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