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The image shows the letter of 1818 only.

ELLISTON, Robert William (1774-1831). Comedian and manager of Drury Lane.
Three Autograph Letters Signed and 1 Letter Signed (third person) to various actors, in all 9 pages 8vo and 1 page 4to, Drury Lane Theatre and Birmingham, 1818 to 1824. All the letters concern theatrical matters:

1. Autograph Letter Signed to 'Madam', seeking to engage her for the opening of a 'splendid new Theatre on the site of the Olympus', and offering her his usual fee ('except for occasional stars') of £3 per week, with the added inducement of a Benefit which would mean a extra two to three pounds per week.

2. Letter Signed to Hiscox returning his play entitled Lucretia or the Roman Matron, praising it, but explaining that the subject matter would be the same as that of Mr Howard's successful Brutus and that therefore it could not be put it on at the present time.

3. Autograph Letter Signed to Miss M ?Iver, a very diplomatic letter explaining why he is unable to continue to pay her salary, with the wish that she may soon be well enough to resume her duties.
'... I have hitherto on such occasions used my discretion according to the situation of the parties & looking upon you to be in no way absolutely dependent upon the Theatre, I felt my decision to be perfectly reconcilable with justice. ...'

4. Autograph Letter Signed to Forbes, coordinating the opening dates for the Drury Lane Theatre and Covent Garden.
'... The time you propose for opening will suit me very well, & although the etiquette has been for Drury Lane to open first, you will if you please take the lead this year ...'

Together with his partners Charles Kemble and John Willett, John Forbes was the main shareholder Covent Garden at this time.
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The image shows the letter of 1818 only.

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