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BELLOC, Elizabeth (Bessie) Parkes (1829-1925). Campaigner for women's rights, & journalist.
Autograph Letter Signed to 'My dear cousin Elizabeth', 3½ pages 8vo, Scaland's Gate, Robertsbridge, Hawkhurst, no date. Detailing her movements and giving a rather heartless account of the death of a child.

'... It seems it is a poor little waif saved from the workhouse by Barbara who brought it down here & put it in a neighbouring cottage & all the maids took to it with a sort of maternal frenzy. ... 2 of the said maids stayed up with it in the kitchen all night & Barbara came down at 4 in the morning to see how it fared. This morning Elizabeth Blackwell came over from Hastings & says there is a bare chance of saving it whereat everybody is quite set up, as if it were a prince of the blood! ...'

[No: 25721]

The image shows the final page only.

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