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Document Signed by the earl of Lichfield, addressed 'To the Ranger and keepers of woodstocke Parke or to either of them', 1 page 4to, 26 September 1682. Endorsed on the second leaf (rather worn) 'For Mr Denitt of Spelbury december 5th 1682.'

'... These are to will and require you or any of you to kill and deliver to the bearer hereof one fatt Dooe of this season and for soe doing this shall be your warrant. ...'
The titles of baron Spelsbury, viscount Quarendon and earl of Lichfield had been bestowed on Sir Edward Lee, 5th baronet, of Quarendon (1663-1716), by Charles II in 1674, prior to his marriage in 1677 to the king's illegitimate daughter, Charlotte Fitzroy, daughter of Barbara Villiers.

Woodstock Park was at this time a royal demesne. There had been a palace there until it was destroyed during the English Civil War. The land was given to the first duke of Marlborough for his victory at Blenheim; the present Blenheim Palace, built between 1705 and 1722, stands on the site of the old Woodstock Palace.

Spelsbury is a village close to the present town of Woodstock.
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