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PEMBROKE, Philip Herbert, 4th earl of (1584-1650). Courtier and politician.
Document Signed, ('Pembroke & Montgomery'), on vellum, 164 x 318 mm. (6½ and 12½ inches), 1 June 1637. A deed poll, issued at the request of Sir Maurice and Lady Dorothy Dromond, whereby the earl releases to Thomas Lower all rights in wardship of body, marriage and lands of the said Thomas Lower.

As a court favourite, Edward Hyde, earl of Clarendon wrote of Herbert that he: 'had the good fortune, by the comeliness of his person, his skill, and indefatigable industry in hunting, to be the first who drew the King's eyes towards him with affection ... He pretended to no other qualifications than to understand horses and dogs very well, which his master loved him the better for'.(Clarendon, History of the Rebellion, 1, page 74).

Signed on the reverse by three witnesses.

A 'deed poll' as distinct from an indenture was an agreement made by one party rather than by two or more. The vellum was cut evenly and not indented with waved or zigzag edges.

£250 [No: 26099]
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